Stores that double coupons louisiana

Stores that double coupons louisiana

Coupons can help you score everyday products on the cheap if you know a few tricks. And coupon stacking might be the best trick of all. Yes, I must have the version with the pump, which does add to the price — I find jarred cosmetics otherwise unhygienic, among other reasons. The trick? I used both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. I also paid with a percent-off discounted gift card I bought from Raise.

The Best Stores for Beginner Couponers

Looks like another Kroger region Louisville , also referred to as Mid-South has confirmed that they are no longer doubling coupons. That means your paper coupons will only be accepted at FACE value. Tennessee seems to be excluded from this change as of now with stores in Knoxville announcing that they will continue doubling. The regions that no longer double coupons are as follows: The regions that DO still double are as follows: I live in the Mid-South region and I knew it was just a matter of time.

Still feels weird reading about it though! Crystal, I hope you come back to read this. What is it that grocery stores love about the College Station area no snark , I feel like they get all the perks. I ve been wondering. Heb there even started some digital pilot program there that had some awesome coupons, but the program isn t anywhere else. I knew this was coming real soon for the Louisville area because all competition quit as well.

It was great while it lasted. Now I have to say goodbye to Kroger and head over to Walmart, as much as I hate that thought. Maybe if enough of us leave comments they will bring back doubles!!!!!!!! I m heartbroken! I knew it was coming but didn t want to think about it. I too will be saying goodbye to Kroger in all likelihood. I agree that the last few regions will be coming to an end as well.

I will miss it since Columbus is a high doubles region. Will def. I saw this on the news yesterday. Sad day for all of us since Meijer has stopped double couponing also. I wish we had publix or Harris Teeter Kroger bought that store. I don t believe the low prices either. I saw an interview with the CEO of Kroger and he looked happy that the double coupon has ended. Well I will shop at Kroger until September 22nd since they are having better sales than Meijer.

I have sent many ppl to their store to shop!!! No more!! But if Kroger has no loyalty to ME-- why should I have loyalty to them!!!!! Have they already stopped doubling coupons or will it be later in the month like Kroger? On the news they claimed it was because people don t like taking the time to cut paper coupons I am thinking about going to the newspaper and expose their LIE. They still double coupons here but the cashiers have a bad attitude about accepting coupons. Maybe it s the university and Blinn college.

I m a student, and it helps a whole lot to have all these coupon deals. I am in Dallas and haven t had double coupons at Kroger for almost 2 years I think. We still get great deals. Especially with the Mega Sales. I only shop there during great sales. Your prices will probably go lower. Ours are lower than stores that double it seems. I m in the Atlanta region. I don t understand why Tennessee is not going to stop doubling as well. I m sure theirs will stop soon. I will still shop at Kroger, but not as often.

Bilo doubles up to. While I believe I will continue shopping there for their sales, I may reconsider all my coupon purchases and go to WalMart where using coupons can be a nightmare! All this is going to be more work and time which is difficult with a busy family and job. Sad to hear this. Not sure if my store in Cookeville with side with Knoxville and continue to double or not since we are Mid-South. But I will continue to shop wherever the savings are, whether that s Krogers or not.

We do have a few regional stores that double on Saturdays, so they may get some more of my business. We will see. I live in Cookeville also and was wondering what region we were in cause it looks like we could be either Mid-South or Atlantic by the map. It will be a sad day when we stop doubling. I shop there a lot!! Maybe Kroger will adapt a policy of doubling coupons on only one day of the week.

I could live with those restrictions and plan accordingly. I was told at my Kroger last week they was getting ready to quit doubling. I did ask them for a date but they wouldn t tell me. It is easier in my area Corbin, Ky to take my ads to Walmart and comp everything. Plus most of the Kroger cashiers are rude about taking the coupons and I get an attitude. Once cashier even told me I was keeping her from getting a raise. I am hoping they will have at least one day a week we can get double coupons.

I live paycheck to paycheck and this is my way of knowing my kids will get a healthy dinner every night and a snack. Kroger will lose business big time once they quit doubling. Does anyone know if we will still be on restrictions on how many coupons we can use since they are going to stop doubling? It seems that the Nashville Mid-South will not stop doubling at this time. We have a stay of execution but I doubt its a pardon.

Our day will come. Again that s a big IF I just received a letter from Kroger stating starting October 31, , they will no longer double and triple coupons in Louisiana stores. Read the full disclosure. Sep 6 4: Filed Under: Kroger News. Leave a Comment. Load an image. Crystal September 6, Want deals sent via messenger?

This Is Where You Can Double Coupons in Your State

Keeping track of your rewards has never been easier! View your SE Grocers rewards balance and activity, browse weekly ads, and activate digital coupons. Joining our SE Grocers rewards program will get you savings on fuel and groceries. Registering only takes a few minutes and you will be eligible to start earning points immediately. Before we can get all of your personalized savings, and digital coupons you will need to link to SE Grocers rewards. It will only take a minute.

Remember me. ZIP Code.

Read more: Typically up to 4 coupon codes are allowed. Target usually has a massive online library of hundreds of coupons ready to print! In addition, you can get the most current site-wide Target promotions here. CVS, like Target, allows one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item.

Albertsons Coupon Policy

Remember me. ZIP Code. Subscribe to our daily savings newsletter. Albertsons promotes a coupon friendly shopping experience and encourages customers to participate in store, manufacturer and internet coupon use. The following policy guidelines are current, but Albertsons may change this policy at any time and policy changes may not be advertised. Coupon redemptions are subject to the policy in effect at time of redemption.


Stores That Double Or Triple Coupons Listed By State

Coupon clippers are always looking for additional ways to save money, and finding a new double coupon grocery store is no different. Every week I receive emails asking what stores double coupons in this area or another. Things to keep in mind about double coupon stores. Have you read our double coupon guide? Share with us Do you know of a grocery store that will double coupons? See one on the list that no longer double coupons in your area? This is an ongoing list that will help everyone looking to save on food and get double coupons in their area. Please share with us your knowledge about stores that double coupons in your state. District of Columbia.

10 retailers that allow you to stack coupons and maximize savings

Advanced Coupon Search Search Tips. The information posted below will tell you which supermarkets take double coupons in the state you live in: Commissary Ad link. Wal-Mart will not accept expired coupons. No grocery stores found that double or triple in the area. Sales tax in AR: NO IPs accepted in this store also.

Coupon Policy

See also: Now, is that true? Yes, it is. They come out with change. Your average shopper is not going to walk into a store with a bag full of coupons and walk out with their week s worth of groceries for a fraction of the price. Extreme couponing, like anything else that seems too good to be true, has a few catches involved. If that were the case, everyone would do it and most manufacturers would go out of business very quickly. This takes a lot of time, patience, organization, research, and dedication.

6 Stores That Allow Coupon Stacking

So, I am going to explain exactly how to double and triple coupons! Double or triple coupons is a promotion offered by a store in an effort to get you to shop there. Doubling coupons is when the store will take your coupon and match the value of it up to a certain amount. Pretty good deal, eh? Most stores will only double a certain number of each of the same coupon. They will still accept the fourth coupon, but it will not double. Stores will only double up to a certain amount. Manufacturers sometimes print this on their coupons to financially protect themselves.

Many grocers offer double coupons every day.

Sign up for a Slickdeals account to remove this ad. First Unread. You have chosen to thumb up this deal. Coupon is valid. You have chosen to thumb down this deal. Coupon is no longer valid. Thread Details. Stores That Double Or Triple Coupons Listed By State Times and days when double coupons are offered vary from store to store, so check with your local store for days that they offer them http: See Deal. Good deal? You gave thanks to Selma for this post. Thank you! Selma posted this deal.

We will gladly redeem your coupons. Visit The Original Piggly Wiggly where you ll find all the old fashioned service you expect. We have friendly staff to help you in store and we ll even carry out your groceries! All rights reserved. Powered by: SpartanNash Digital Services.

Remember Me? Hey Mom! Trader rating: I want to save the most with my coupons but don t know of any stores in my area that double or triple coupons. If anyone knows, please let me know. I lived in Baton Rouge about 2 yrs ago and the only place that doubled was Fred s on Saturdays. Originally Posted by jewl Well, I m in Lafayette and there is nowhere here that doubles coupons either. My family is from Alexandria - I don t know of anywhere there either. Kroger used to, but not anymore from what I understand. Piggly Wiggly should double coupons. Call your local store. Google Piggly Wiggly and search store locations. Is anyone in the greater BR area interested in swapping unwanted coupons?

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