Samsung galaxy a3 deals

Samsung galaxy a3 deals

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In a nutshell: The Samsung Galaxy A3 edition is a compact and slim smartphone with a stunning unibody design. With a decent processor, excellent screen and good camera, only the battery life is below average. The price has now fallen considerably, making it excellent value for money. Today s best buy: Samsung really needs to rethink its naming strategy for its A series phones, as this is the third version of the Galaxy A3.

This one is denoted by the year of release - - but we bet that it s going to cause confusion. The version of the A3 is almost the same size as the version, with the same screen size, but a touch thicker. It s still ultra-slim though by our reckoning, at 7. It s a lightweight phone, but very solidly built, with an almost seamless unibody construction that s very sleek.

Even the camera is flush with the rear of the phone. The front and rear glass panels also sit flush with the metal edges, making the phone tough and also dust-and water-resistant to the IP68 standard. Really, in terms of looks and design, this is the ideal phone for anyone looking for a compact mid-range model. The speaker grille has moved from the bottom edge to the right hand edge, but is still mono. The 3. The volume keys are on the left. The screen is the same as on the edition of the A3. With a modest size of 4.

So in terms off design, this is easily a 5-star phone, and one of the best you ll find in the middle area of the market in It s available in a choice of colours - Black, Gold, Peach and Blue. The edition of the A3 has a new processor with 8 cores running at up to 1. In practice, the extra cores don t get used much in everyday operations, and the extra clock speed is marginal. Performance is typical for a mid-range phone, and the A3 handles most apps quickly.

The RAM has been increased from 1. The built-in memory remains at a reasonable 16GB, of which 9. The camera performs very well in good lighting, and handles itself pretty well in the dark too, although low light shots are noticeably grainier. The camera can record video at full p HD resolution. The front camera has been upgraded from 5 to 8 megapixels.

Results are excellent in good lighting, but less impressive in dark conditions. It also includes GPS and Glonass location services. The battery life of the A series phones has never been stellar. It s one of the downsides of an ultra-slim compact smartphone. For , Samsung has squeezed a tiny bit more juice into the battery, but at mAh it s still relatively small. In ideal conditions, the battery will give you 16 hours of continuous use, but in real life you should expect less. The typical user ought to be able to make it through a day before the battery dies.

If you re looking for a compact Android smartphone, you ll struggle to find anything better than the Samsung Galaxy A3 It s a beautifully-designed phone with a stunning screen, decent mid-range performance, and a good camera. It s not perfect - the battery life isn t as good as we d like, but in all other ways it s a great phone. It s not the most high-powered device on offer, but as compact models go, it s one of the very best. Reply by James from England on 23rd Sep It was announced on January 2nd, and released early February, around the time that the S21 review was written.

Reviewed by Simon from England on 19th Mar Had this phone 7 months and been throw 3 chargers already on my 4 charger now had it just over a week and my phone charge port is playing up again Reviewed by James from United Kingdom on 7th Nov I ve had this phone for about six or seven weeks now and I m pretty impressed. Not just by the way it looks and let s say it looks pretty handsome in Blue Mist , but in the way it functions, too. Everything said by S21 about the screen is true. The display is also the perfect size for me.

The camera seems good too and the processor copes fine. Battery life doesn t seem too bad either but maybe that s just because my previous phone had a dreadful battery. There are a few minor ones: The phone picks up fingerprints easily too and is slightly overpriced considering the new J-series phones have similar specifications and also have the excellent screen quality.

All in all though, the A3 proves that you don t need to spend silly money to get something that ll do all your everyday tasks with ease. It may not be as exciting or modern as the really expensive bezel-less models, but it s still almost as capable. I have found that this gives a much more reliable and faster response from the sensor.

Reviewed by Hild from United Kingdom on 12th Oct I love this phone but the only thing I don t like is the predictive texting Best buys. Problem with A3 it keeps coming up with No sim Card , what is the reason for this? Asked by Sue from UK on 8th Feb When was the Samsung Galaxy A3 release in ? Popular articles.

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The Samsung Galaxy A3 is a superslim smartphone with a stunning metal design. It s also got the specification to match with a eye-popping 4. Worldwide Roaming. Aside from being metal it looks a lot like other Samsung handsets, albeit with a slim 6.

Okay, we ve found Samsung Galaxy A3 Contracts.

Elegance in its purest form. Crafted with minimalism in mind, its highly resistant rear 3D Glass and optimal 4. Discover a seamless design for maximum enjoyment. Design that is a delight to hold. Sitting flush with the 3D curved back, the absence of any camera protrusion allows for a smooth and symmetrical design from all angles.

Samsung Galaxy A3 Specs & Price In Kenya

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Samsung Galaxy A3 SM-AF

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Add to compare. View Offer. From R1 Simply elegantElegance in its purest form. Crafted with minimalism in mind for maximum enjoyment its highly resistant rear 3D Glass and optimal 4. View 2 Offers. From R3

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The A3s build is reinforced with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, and the addition of water and dust resistance is particularly impressive on an entry-level handset. Select your desired options to find the best Samsung Galaxy A3 deals for you. Samsung Galaxy A3 Samsung truly is one of the most well-known technology giants in the world, with an empire of market-leading products available from televisions to washing machines. However perhaps one of their signature products has to be their smartphones, which have earned them a huge following of loyal fans across the globe. While Samsung is primarily known for releasing their high-end flagship smartphones, fans need not think that they need to fork out a small fortune to get their hands on a Samsung phone. In recent years the manufacturer has released a series of great entry-level and mid-range smartphones, delivering a premium phone with paired down features that still impress. One such handset is the Samsung Galaxy A3, a truly beautiful handset with an even more attractive price tag. It somewhat resembles the Samsung Galaxy S7, and upon its release, many were surprised that Samsung had lent such a beautiful build to an entry-level handset.

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Alternatively click here to reset all filters. Thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy A3 on a pay-monthly contract deal? Whether you want it cheap as chips or with oodles of data, we re here to help you find the best deal for you. All you need to do is compare them with our comparison tool, choose one you like, and click through to sign up. And if you re not sure if this is the phone for you, you can even see Samsung Galaxy A3 deals alongside ones on other handsets too. Get comparing with our tool - or read on for a few more tips on finding a top deal. You ll find the best Samsung Galaxy A3 deal for you by comparing all your options - and we have the tool to do it. Select the things that are important to you in a deal using the filters on the table above.

The deals listed below are for new contracts only. If you are looking to keep your number and stay on the same network then you will need to speak directly with your network or use our Upgrades comparison as a basis for negotiating a better deal.

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Capturing the moments that create lasting memories has never been easier with the new Galaxy A3, thanks to the enhanced front 8MP and rear 13MP cameras. The advanced camera technology now offers super-accurate autofocus, resulting in vibrant and clear photos, even ones that are captured in low-light conditions. Taking selfies has also never been easier. Touch anywhere on the screen to snap a high-resolution selfie with the floating shutter and use the display as a front flash for bright pictures. The camera on the Galaxy A3 also offers a simplified menu, allowing you to quickly change modes and instant filters to add effects to pictures. This means that you can transfer and store your favourite music, pictures and movies across devices. It also improves coverage in more rural locations as well as on motorways and in train stations so you ll be less likely to be left without signal. Get treats and rewards every week with the wuntu app Check out wuntu. Please find a store or call Already on Three? Upgrade to this phone.

Finding the best price for the Samsung Galaxy A3 is no easy task. Here you will find where to buy the Samsung Galaxy A3 at the best price. Prices are continuously tracked in over stores so that you can find a reputable dealer with the best price. These are the default features of this smartphone. Most of these features can be achieved with a more advanced camera application, so do not worry if you are missing something like a timer, smile detection, filters, etc. There is not need supporting all bands for having coverage in the different types of networks. For example, if it does not support one band, could make you not to have 4G coverage in rural areas or having bad coverage inside buildings, but having it without problems in cities. Report an error.

Selling your old Samsung Galaxy A3 16GB for the best price is easy - just follow these three simple steps. Take a look at the table on this page to see which mobile recycling companies will buy your gadget, and find out how much money you can get from each one. If your device is brand new and still in its box, you may get even more than that; but if it s broken or damaged, the going rate tends to be lower. There are tons of Samsung Galaxy A3 16GB recycling, buying, and trade-in companies out there, and trying to work out which is the best can be difficult. Yes you can! Many recyclers are eager to take your broken gadgets. Simply scroll up and choose broken as device condition. Compare prices now. Some will charge postage if you want your gadget back, though others will do it for free. Selling a water damaged phone is a little trickier, but some recyclers do buy handsets with water damage.

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